Cultivating Contentment

20 Feb

My girlfriends and I just started a new Saturday morning study. It’s called, “Cultivating Contentment.” Now doesn’t that just sound incredibly inviting? When I first heard of this book, my blood pressure dropped. (That’s a good thing!)  Who couldn’t use a little more contentment in their day? In their life?

This group of women meets every other Saturday in my home. We call it “LINKgroup,” a name our local church gives to smaller groups of people who have varying interests and commonalities (moms, singles, women, men, couples, young adults and on and on) who get together and encourage one another, because we are “better together.” The significance of “link” is the carabiner used (along with other devices) to attach one climber to another in a challenging ascent. I love that.

I belong to three LINKgroups. Some climbs are steeper than others but all are good for the heart and soul. (If we had a LINKgroup that actually hiked while we studied, it would be good for the lungs and legs as well! Hmmmm… a new idea…)

The climb for this study, Cultivating Contentment, promises to be slow and steady, like a beautiful trail gently ascending through the woods, criss-crossing clear streams, and summiting at a lovely spot overlooking all that would attempt to pull us down into negativity and discontent. A pretty picture; a nice analogy. But one I believe will be spot on.

I promise to report our progress. But in the meantime, here is a little treat to treasure:

“Because we live in a fallen world, we will experience negatives in our lives. Heartache and disappointment will come our way. We experience ‘stuff’  we don’t deserve, don’t want, and can’t send back. It’s ours. But thanks be to God, nothing happens in this world that He doesn’t know about and that He can’t handle.”   ~ Thelma Wells

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One response to “Cultivating Contentment

  1. juliemooreonlife

    February 20, 2011 at 6:48 am

    I love my women’s Bible study group. I’ve not heard of the study you are doing but contentment sounds wonderful. Thanks for the last thought at the end, its encouraging.


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