Ticket to Where? Or Who?

29 Aug

Loved the message at church yesterday morning. It was the last in a series on Getting to Know God, on the topic of Worship, given by our Worship Pastor. The entire message was great, but what I loved was an illustration about how the cross is not a bridge to heaven. Salvation is not a ticket to heaven.

He said: When you go visit your friend, you don’t go to his house regardless of whether he’s there — you want to be with your friend, so you go wherever he is. He said his wife bought tickets to U2 for his birthday and he was excited to go see the band at the Oakland Coliseum. He wasn’t excited to go to the Oakland Coliseum.

Likewise, the cross is a bridge to Christ, not heaven. Salvation is our “ticket” to our chief purpose: Glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.

Since my girlfriends and I are studying “The Cross of Christ” I thought this was a very good add regarding the purpose of the cross, or maybe more accurately, the non-purpose of the cross. Do we make much of the fact that we’re saved so we can go to heaven, or do we make much of Christ, just because of Who He Is and we just want to be wherever He is… now and forever?

Food for thought!

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One response to “Ticket to Where? Or Who?

  1. juliemoore

    September 9, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    Maybe at one time it was about heaven for me but now its is about being wherever He is. Interesting thoughts.


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