A Believer’s Role in Today’s Culture

25 Nov

In an increasingly secular and ungodly culture, many Christians wonder about their role and duty. Should we lobby for rights that have traditionally belonged to us? Should we make every effort to implement a Christian agenda? Should we completely reform the government? The Bible speaks clearly about our duty, and it’s all about governing our character.

On this lazy Friday, I am shamelessly re-posting from and redirecting to John MacArthur’s article on Grace to You. Not just because I’m lazy (actually I am in read rather than write mode today), but more because I think this is incredibly timely and well-said.

In his article, Christian Duty in Pagan Culture, MacArthur states, “Believe it or not, Christians have obligations to a pagan society. When you live as God wants you to in an unbelieving culture, the Holy Spirit uses your life to draw the sinner by softening his attitude toward God (1 Peter 2:12).” He then outlines five areas which we can all be more mindful of:

  • Submission and Obedience
  • Readiness for Good Works
  • Respectful in Speech
  • Peaceful and Gentle
  • Consideration for Others

He closes: “Our duty as we relate to an increasingly secular and ungodly culture is not to lobby for certain rights, the implementation of a Christian agenda, or the reformation of the government. Rather, God would have us continually to remember Paul’s instructions to Titus and live them out as we seek to demonstrate His power and grace that can regenerate sinners. Changing people’s hearts one individual at a time is the only way to bring meaningful, lasting change to our communities, our nation, and even the whole world.”

I hope you’ll read the article and seriously consider God’s word as it applies to our personal and church lives and conduct. I am.

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One response to “A Believer’s Role in Today’s Culture

  1. julieemoore

    November 30, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    Yes that is our responsibility. As we let Christ live in and throough us He reaches the world. Great post my friend and I don’t think yoiu are lazy at all. Hey I am giving you award if you want to pop over to my place and receive it.


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