Snakes and Ostriches

29 Dec

My head has been in the sand. (Well not really, but sorta.) I recently read a the December issue of a financial newsletter to which my husband subscribes. This one is less about market research and more about the vast decline of our government, our businesses, our communities, and our society. It is about ethics, or the lack. It is an even-handed article, citing immense corruption and wrong-headed thinking on both sides of the aisle. Some quotes from the piece:

“I do agree that the nation will soon face a choice between heading down the path towards fascism… or turning back the power of government and restoring the limited Republic that was our birthright. I continue to believe Americans will choose personal liberty.

“Please realize, I’m not taking a political side here. I’m not saying the Democrats are singularly responsible for the state of our country. I’m not saying the Republicans are all to blame. And I’m not saying this is a black problem or a white problem. The problem is rooted in the corrupt belief that you can live at the expense of your neighbor… that we have become a nation where the vast majority of people believe their well-being is primarily, someone else’s responsibility.

“This bankrupt belief has taken complete control of our government, educational system, medical industry, and our corporations. And unless we demand better from each other and our political leaders, our society is doomed to collapse under the crushing weight of the Corruption of America.

It’s time we got back to our traditions as Americans and started doing more to take care of our families, communities, and ourselves.”

Here is the full text, shared with permission from the author:

It’s about as clear as day that we’re headed for disaster, but what is the Christian’s response? It’s clear we have a responsibility to speak up, to vote, to educate ourselves about what our local, state and federal governments are up to, and we should line up all responses with the word of God. I share this here because the church SHOULD be in the State’s business insofar as we are called to be light and salt. Let’s not check our brains at the door when it comes to politics, public education, business or social programs.

Let’s be wise as serpents yet gentle as doves: Not mean as snakes and stupid as ostriches.


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