Delight in the Law?

08 Jan

Since I used to be a rabid legalist and still struggle to exorcise legalism completely from my inner soul, the word ‘law’ always produces a nice, bright, red flag for me. So I almost didn’t read Kevin DeYoung’s blog today because it’s titled, Why Lewis Loved the Law. But of course DeYoung wrote it well and I came away with a confirmed sense of “rightness” about it:

In his Reflections on the Psalms, C.S. Lewis pondered how anyone could “delight” in the law of the Lord. Respect, maybe. Assent, perhaps. But how could anyone find the law so exhilarating? And yet, the more he thought about it, the more Lewis came to understand how the Psalmist’s delight made sense. “Their delight in the Law,” Lewis observed, “is a delight in having touched firmness; like the pedestrian’s delight in feeling the hard road beneath his feet after a false short cut has long entangled him in muddy fields.” The law is good because firmness is good. God cares enough to teach his decrees and direct our paths. He reveals his holy character in laying out his holy way. How awful it would be to inhabit this world, have some idea that there is a God, and yet not know what He desires from us. Divine statutes are a gift to us. God gives us law because he loves.

I say “confirmed” because also today, our Senior Pastor delivered the first message of the first series of the new year, called “Start NOW: Keys to a Happy New Year” in which he also discussed delight in the Lord. One of three keys, sandwiched between two others (DEAL with your disappointments and watch as the Lord provides the DESIRE of your heart) DELIGHT was the meat of the message and centered on Psalm 16.

I loved putting together Lewis’s epiphany with Pastor John’s. The Law and the whole of God’s word is a firm foundation providing stability and confidence. Psalm 16 tells us we can delight in the LORD Himself–His person; His people–our brothers and sisters in Christ; His portion–no matter what size; His principles–we can praise Him for His good counsel; and His protection–we cannot be shaken!

Reflect on the firm foundation He has provided His children and delight in it!
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